Earn Money online Investing Time
Earn Money online
Investing Time
NeoBux Strategy
2.5. Cash Flow Records
Now it's the best time to begin Your daily cash flow records.
It's very important that You know, every day, if Your business is profitable or not. You'll find a good example below:

3. Goal #3 - Continue until You acquire 300 RRs
In the period with special promotions it's the moment to extend the rental of ALL Your RRs for 240 more days!
Go to Your RR's list page.
​​Tick the checkbox at the end of the table's first row.
All 3 RRs will be selected.
Then, scroll to the end of the listing and You'll see an option asking you what You want to do with the referrals You selected.
Select "I want to extend their rental for 240 more days (32% discount)" and confirm the Payment.
Remember: NEVER use Points to extend or recycle RRs!

The best use of the Points is to keep them for upgrade to Golden Membership!! 1 Point is worthing $0.002.

3.1. Rental Balance (RB)
It's also the time that You use Your RB.
Each day, from now on, You MUST transfer funds to Your RB, according to the number of RRs You have. These funds will be used, after 240 days, to extend the rental of the RRs for 240 more days!
The daily value (DV) of these funds can be calculated with the formula:

DV = N * 1.09 / 240 [$]

You need $0.0136 for 3 RRs.
To transfer funds to Your RB go to Your account Summary.
Search, in the middle of the page, "Account" and "Rental Balance".
​Click on the "+" sign.
Click on the green "Main Balance" button.​
​Use the blue "<" or ">" buttons to select the amount to transfer.
However, You can only transfer in increments of $0.1.
This value will be enough for 1 week ($0.0136 * 7 = $0.0954).

The remaining funds in Your Main Balance (MB) can be used for new rentings.

3.2. Recycling Tactic (RT)
14 days after You rented Your first Referrals You MUST analyse their activity.
RRs have a return policy. If, within 14 days, one of Your RRs doesn't click any ad, You will automatically get Your Referral exchanged, with no additional charge and for unlimited times.
Letting a Referral expire will have a small fee of $0.01.
You can recycle each Referral any time You want to.
Is Your referral inactive or just clicks a few ads per day?
No problem!
For just $0.07 you can replace him / her with a new, active, Referral.

Don't forget to transfer the funds spent with the recycling from Your MB in the RB!
The RRs can be managed by using  Neobux Referrals Handy Manager.
You'll have to establish a RT by choosing some recycling conditions (RC).

A good starting point could be:
  • 1 day since the last click;
  • RR since more than 14 days;
  • 1-10 clicks in the last 14 days.
Analyse daily how Your RRs are clicking.
Once You established a RT, keep it UNCHANGED a whole month! It's more convenient to start the tactic in the first day of the month.
Calculate the average of the DP at the end of the month.
Next month modify only ONE parameter of the RC (e. g. 9 clicks instead of 10) and compare the new average of the DP with the old one.
Continue untill You find the BEST RT!
Now, it's a good idea to invest a few dollars of Your own into Your NeoBux business, to boost its growing!

4. Goal #4 - Upgrade Your account to Golden Membership
Now, that you have 300 RRs, stop renting.
If You was very active, You should have 30,000 Points to upgrade.
If not, continue working and save $90 in Your MB, so that You can upgrade to Golden.
Sometimes (e. g. in the period December 16 - December 19) there are discounts and You need only $70 to upgrade!
Once You go Golden, You will double up Your income instantly, since the commissions are 2 x for Your RRs clicks!
Now You'll have to view 9 Orange Fixed Ads per day, instead of 4!

5. Goal #5 - Increase Your team to 500 RRs

Resume Your rental process. It's tempting to cash out, but You really want to earn as much as possible!

1. Goal #1 - Earn $3.87
Click ALL Your ads every day, according to server time.
However, it will be quite difficult to reach this goal only by clicking ads.
If You are able to complete Mini Jobs (MJs), it will be easy to achieve it.

1.1. MJs
​The objective of the available MJs is to solve problems ranging from data collection and product categorization to business lead verification, content generation / modification and academic research.
The concept is as simple as get a MJ done and get paid instantly in your Main Balance (MB). To get access to the available MJs You only need to use the “Mini Jobs” button and choose any that seems interesting to You. The amount You will be paid for each task and an estimation of how many tasks are available for each MJ will be displayed always right of the MJ’s description.
Detailed instructions about what exactly your work will be, are available on screen and it may be required to answer some questions in a training mode, before you are able to start working for money.

I advise You to follow carefully the instructions because an automatic system is in place to track the accuracy of the participants as they work. A number of false answers higher than a MJ’s accuracy threshold may prevent You from completing a MJ, so it’s strongly advisable to avoid giving random answers or acting while You haven’t understood completely what You should do.
If You do all the required work for a single task of a MJ You will be paid instantly in your MB, though in rare cases a delay ranging from 15 minutes and up to 2 days may happen. If a MJ is still available after You have been paid for it, it means that more work is needed and You are welcome to participate again, if You wish. 
MJs will grant You a commission from your direct referrals earnings and will provide you with a productivity bonus for your own work.
It’s strongly advisable to visit the MJs page frequently, as new MJs become available all the time.​

1.2. DRs
You can only have DRs after being member for at least 15 days and having at least 100 clicks. Any attempts to get them before that will fail.
If You want to have DRs You should advertise Your Referral link.
To get Your Referral link, follow these steps:
  • Go to Your account by clicking Your username.
  • Click on "Banners" on the left menu.
  • Right click the link You need and copy it.
You can choose any of the banners in that page.

2. Goal #2 - Renting Your First Referrals
2.1. Special Promotions
You should daily read the "Latest news". You'll find them on Your account Summary, on the bottom right corner.
Admin announces here all the special promotions offered.
Usually, there are special promotions on:
January 1st - January 2nd
February 13th - February 15th
March 24th - March 30th
April 30th - May 6th
July 20th - July 22nd
October 25th - November 1st
December 13th - December 15th
December 22nd - December 31st
The renewal price for 240 days on special promotions is $1.09 / RR.

2.2. Renting Referrals
Once you have at least $3.87 in Your NeoBux account, you have enough money to rent 3 referrals.
If there are less than 30 days until the next special promotions period go to Your account Summary.
On the top of your click charts You'll see a "Referrals" button.
Click on it.

You'll be presented with the available packs to rent.
Pick the blue pack with number "3" and confirm. The Referrals will then be added to Your account.
This is where the fun begins!
To see Your new RRs go to your account Summary.
Now, on the left menu, click on "Rented" under "Referrals". This will take You to Your RR's list. 
The Referrals are rented only for 30 days and You paid for that $0.20 * 3 = $0.60.
As a Standard Member, extending the rental of ALL Your RRs for 240 more days on special promotions is a MUST!
If You click at least 4 Orange Fixed Ads, You'll receive all clicks made by Your RRs.
1 click made by the RR will credit Your account with $0.005.

2.3. Export List
In order to have data to analyze further Your RRs, it's a good idea to export daily the list with their activity. The list contains the RR's name, the date You rented him / her, the date of his / her last click, and the total clicks he / she made till the time You exported the list.
To get the Export List, follow these steps:
  • Go to Your RR's list page.
  • Click on the small icon, representing a notebook and a pencil, in the upper right corner.
  • Click on the "continue" button.
  • Click on the "open in a new window" button.
  • Right click the selected text and copy it.
  • Paste it into a new text document and save it.
​​The best time to export the List would be 1 minute after midnight, according to Your local time.

2.4. Average (Avg.) and Break Even Average (BEAvg.)
​Avg. is the result obtained by dividing the total number of clicks made by all RRs in 1 day to "N", the number of Your RRs.
BEAvg. is the Avg. for ALL Your daily expenses.
BEAvg. for "W" new RRs, "S" RRs extended with $1.09 (W + S = N) and "R" RRs manually recycled can be calculated with the formula:

BEAvg. = (0.2 * W / 30 +1.09 * S / 240 + 0.07 * R) / (0.005 * N) [Clicks]

In order to have profit, Avg. MUST be greater than BEAvg.! ​​
The Daily Profit (DP) per RR can be calculated with the formula:

​DP = 0.005 * (Avg. - BEAvg.) [$ / RR]