Earn Money online Investing Time
Earn Money online
Investing Time
Getting Started
3. AdAlert
There are also other ads, that are released at different periods of the day.
To be sure not to miss any single ad, You should install AdAlert.
It is an effective way of getting advertisement notifications.
The unique browser extension is available for all major browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera). However, it's working excelent with Chrome!
You can find the download page, by clicking on the "AdAlert" link at the bottom of each page of NeoBux.
In order to work, You have to change the settings in Your account:

4. AdPrize
You'll see the AdPrize box on your advertisements page.  It is a big green box right below your ads, with the number of chances you have, displayed in the box. You have a limited time to click, 240 minutes after they have been granted.
If You click, You have the chance to win prizes available daily:
  • Golden membership;
  • Monetary prizes added to the main balance ($0.25 - $50.00);
  • ​Point prizes (10 - 10,000).
If You didn't register yet, don't hesitate any more.
It's free and You have nothing to lose:

Are You ready to start? O. K.!

Now it's the time to REGISTER free, using the banner below:

THANK YOU, if You used the banner above to register!
I'll be glad to help You, by answering all Your questions!
NeoBux is not a get rich quick program, but You can certainly earn significant additional income, if treated like a job / business.
First of all, select Your language. You'll find the flags in the upper right corner. 
After that, You should CAREFULLY read the Terms of Service (ToS). You'll find the link (grey button) at the bottom of every account page.

1. Server Time, Local Time, Advertisement Clicks Reset Time 
Click on Your "View Advertisements" green button (on the top of Your account page). You'll see an image like this:
 Please notice, on the top, a green-blue banner, with the following text:
  •  "Your advertisement clicks reset at ...". Every day, at the mentioned hour (local time), You'll have new ads.
  • "The current server time is ...". Please note the server time and compare it with Your local time.
​You should choose a time interval, WITHIN the 24 hours of the server time, when it's more convenient for You to see the ads.
2. Viewing Ads
The most important are the 4 Orange Fixed Ads:
Click the first Orange Ad. It will change and You'll see a red dot to click, in order to prove that you are a human:
The link will open in a new window, where you must wait until the ad loads, a timer runs out (10 seconds) and you'll see, on the top of the page, the message: "Advertisement validated!".
You have now $0.001 in Your Main Balance and You got 1 Bonus Pack.
Each bonus pack includes 1 Point, 4 AdPrize chances, and one chance to win automatically $0.50 within the next hour.
Points are Your NeoBux currency, which can be used for purchasing some services. 30,000 Points = 1 year Golden Membership!
Close the window and click the next Orange Ad and so on, until You clicked all available ads. They will vary on the amount they are worth ($0.001 - $0.015).