Earn Money online Investing Time
Earn Money online
Investing Time
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You decided to invest Your valuable time, to earn money online.
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What is  NeoBux ?
  • NeoBux is the world's #1 Paid to Click (PTC) website - King of PTC!
  • According to Alexa's Traffic Metrics, NeoBux has #798 Global Rank.
  • NeoBux introduced, for the first time in this industry, the revolutionary concept of "Referrals Renting"!
  • It has over 20,000,000 members and is growing daily with 12,000 new members!
  • NeoBux is paying daily over $120,000 to it's members!
How do You earn money with NeoBux ?
There are three basic streams of income from NeoBux:
  • Income from your personal actions on the site:                                   Viewing Advertisements (Ads), AdPrizes, Mini Jobs, Surveys, Games, Offers;
  • Commissions paid to You from Your Rented Referrals (RRs);
  • Commissions paid to You from Your Direct Referrals (DRs).
​Your final goal is to build a solid team of RRs.
However, consider this a long term investment, 7 - 8 years!
The veterans in this business are earning +$500 monthly, pure profit, and have huge teams, with over 50,000 RRs!